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Ceramic 3D Printer

Artist Jonathan Keep has put together a 3D printer to produce digital objects out of clay, and has put together a document to build one:

Based on the delta type of 3D printer my aim has been to use parts that can either be made with basic DIY tools and skills, or ordered off the internet. The design is specifically for printing in clay but could be adapted to work with other materials. Many other self build 3D printers use parts printed in plastic but with this project I did not want to be reliant on already having access to a 3D printer.

More Here

Looking at Jonathan’s website (in particular the ‘Digital Pots' section), you will see various series based on various ideas. There is the Random Growth of generative forms, Sound Surface based on musical audio data, and other computational methods.

More examples of work can be found here

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Just deserts


"Spooky" Quantum Entanglement Reveals Invisible Objects (via National Geographics).

In the new experiment, the physicists entangled photons in two separate laser beams with different wavelengths, and hence color: one yellow and one red.[…] The team passed the red light beam through etched stencils and into cutouts of tiny cats and a trident, about 0.12 inches (3 millimeters) tall. The yellow beam traveled on a separate line, never hitting the objects. What’s more, the etched shapes were designed to be invisible to yellow light. […] After the red light passed by the objects, the physicists ran it together with the yellow laser beam at both parallel and right angles. The red light was then discarded, and the yellow light headed for a camera. There, that yellow light revealed a picture of the object. And a negative of the picture emerged from the light that had interfered at a right angle.

"The phenomena really arises from the interference of the photons together,” Lemos says. “It’s not that the red photons have changed the yellow ones, it’s that quantum mechanics says they have to share [wavelength] phases which we can detect to see a picture.”


Nothing spooky (unless you consider nature is spooky), and nothing new because quantum entanglement is known (and accepted) from 1935 or so. But an interesting experiment anyway, of course.

Beatport Exclusive: btprt.dj/1veUFpH

We remixed this Japanese girl pop group and turned their song ‘Lost Child’ into an angry drum & bass tune. Out now through our label @VisionRecordings. Beatport only.

Artwork by http://khomatech.com

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Monsoon Clouds Over Bangladesh (06/03/02) | by: { NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center }

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